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Get Office support immediately at low cost with our experts. We offer services on wide range with our online chat program. We are chat assistants work from ” Live Assist ” . We have tremendous knowledge into the email management,¬†troubleshooting office programs for various issues.

Email programs need an efforts in securing the emails and importing and exporting from various programs. This task demands a technical help. It is an additional help with the license you purchase for an office program. We are specialised in providing such services at the user satisfaction with our continuous services.

Microsoft Office Support

Office support is a common requirement for all home and business users. Students are provided with a free license to use the program for their education purpose. In the process of using the documents, there might be cases in which you need help in preparing the documents and finding the old files. There may be incidents during which you may not be able to open your files.All these issues are addressed by our experts carefully without losing any of your data.

Live Assist came up with this programs called Office Online chat and supports all the global users in resolving all their office program related issues.Feel free to initiate a chat with our technicians for more assistance.

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The procedure to seek support is very simple. You see an online chat window on the right bottom corner of the screen. Send a request like “Office support-added with your issue type” and send it to the technicians.We will check and respond back to you promptly. In case if you see no response with in a specific time for about few minutes, please explain the issue and share along with your name and email address. We will get back to you.