Microsoft Live Assist is a service provided for Microsoft products like Windows and Office includes Word, excel, power point and Outlook. Our internal trained experts can help you with various technical issues. Our experts have published various articles online to ge.t the solutions in hand for the user to fix them on their own. For advanced support, we also provide Phone and Chat and on demand direct remote assistance to resolve most of the issues as a premium support.

Technical Support for Microsoft Products like Office and Windows

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Support for Office Suite:

Live Assist Technical Support is an independent provider of technical help service for third party products, brands and services. The brands, names, image, trademarks, products and services of third parties mentioned on this website are only for reference and to furnish information. We have a team of experts who can resolve your issues for Microsoft Office within no time. We have 24x7 support for Microsoft products. Our Tech support for Microsoft helps you to resolve your queries and issues at the earliest. Get instant Help for remove or uninstall a corrupted program, Installing latest Office, Uninstalling old office and Upgrading. This service includes to secure your PC from Virus attack , malware attack, Computer threats due to browser hijacks, ransomware, keyloggers, backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, malicious LSPs, dialers, fraudtools, adware and spyware, which could be some of the reasons for an Office program corruption or faulty Windows updates. We disclaim any ownership, right, affiliations or endorsement of or by any such third party products, unless expressly stated.

Tech Support for Microsoft Products

Windows Updates

Having problems with Windows updates, it is a problem to install other applications which may require some prerequisites. Microsoft Catalog is one of the entity which displays the list of all the windows updates.
We provide Windows updates troubleshooting help and support services.

Outlook Mail support

Emails are difficult to manage on web mail client and so Microsoft has a desktop product which helps you to manage your contacts, calendars and emails and store them locally and backup your emails.
This helps you to create space in your webmail client.

Windows Defender

Windows defender protects your computer and gives you protection against spyware and potentially unwanted software.
Using Windows Defender

Windows Defender offers two ways to help keep spyware from infecting your computer.

Onedrive storage

Microsoft Windows operating system provides you with latest features to store all your data on cloud space. This will help you to avoid data loss and save your work on Office programs.

Microsoft Office Support

Microsoft Office issues are most common issues people face in their daily life. This can be due to either: Virus attack , malware attack, Computer threats due to browser hijacks, ransomware, keyloggers, backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, malicious LSPs, dialers, fraudtools, adware and spyware. We help for Office Install, Install Office updates, Help for Office repair,Office issue fix, Office outlook support, corrupted office removal, Office renewal help etc... for which people look for external sources of Support. Microsoft Live Assist helps you to recover all these PC issues by guiding you the Troubleshooting steps, fix your Microsoft Office program. Get instant help for Microsoft Live Assist experts. Call Now !!!

Call: 1-844-575-3210

Our services for Microsoft Products

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Install Office 365 or office 2016 support

Update old Office program to the latest versions.

Office 365 or Office 2016 Setup in Windows or Mac.
Problem installing Microsoft Office.

Toll Free - 1-844-575-3210

Microsoft Office not working.

Word or excel not opening?

Technical Support for Microsoft Office

Live Assist provides technical support for all Microsoft Office products like word, excel, powerpoint, access, publisher and Outlook. Microsoft Office is available for Home users and Business users as a package of all these types of programs. Some of the common errors like word not responding, excel not responding. If you want to upgrade or move your office program to new computers or import/export outlook calendars and emails, you can talk to one of our best support technicians who are online on chat or read to help you on phone.

Common Office errors

Office installation error codes
Office update error
Office repair error codes
Office not found in the computer
Unable to renew Office
Unable to install Office
Unable to upgrade Office
Office not opening
Office files not found
Unable to activate Office
Unknown error with Office program

Word not responding
Excel not opening
Power point cannot update
Outlook runs in safemode
Outlook closes automatically
Word not opening
Powerpoint update fails
Unable to activate outlook

Microsoft Live Assist is a service provided by our expertise trained on Microsoft Products. We have specialist to resolve your Office and Windows issues